8 Best National Sex Toy Day Deals (2023): Suction Toys, Vibrators, and Stimulators

8 Best National Sex Toy Day Deals (2023): Suction Toys, Vibrators, and Stimulators

The leaves are falling, the holiday seasons draw near, and you know what that means: National Sex Toy Day. That’s right! A whole day dedicated to the joys of self-love lands on November 4 every year. Investing in your sexual wellness is something we should all do year-round, but this weekend offers a great excuse: Deals! We searched through dozens of deals to bring you the best of the best—not to mention, we’ve personally tested (and recommend) every toy on this list.

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Photograph: Amazon

The Lelo Sila is one of our favorite suction toys. It’s less intense than other suction toys but that’s by design since this is a toy that’s all about the slow build. The wide mouth on the toy provides stimulation to the area surrounding the erogenous zones as well as the zone itself, offering diffuse stimulation, typically leading to a longer and more layered orgasm.

Photograph: Lelo

This bundle from Lelo includes the Beads Plus, Smart Wand 2 vibrator, and Sona 2 suction toy. The Beads Plus is an interesting toy. The beads themselves are a nice size for internal use. They’re designed to be used vaginally, but the string isn’t long enough to make them what we’d consider safe for anal use. However, they’re a wonderful addition to other kinds of stimulation. When paired with the Sona 2 suction toy or Smart Wand 2 for external stimulation, you’re in for one hell of a ride. In a good way. The Beads are branded as Kegel balls for pelvic floor exercises, but we only tested them as sex toys, so we can’t speak to that functionality.

This is another bundle from Lelo, and if you’re looking for ways to expand your rectal repertoire, this is a good pick. The bundle includes the Hugo vibrating plug, the Loki Wave p-spot stimulator, a box of Hex condoms, and a bottle of Lelo’s lube. The vibrating plug, Hugo, is one of our longtime faves. It includes a remote and provides deep, rumbly vibrations to stimulate the P-spot. The Loki Wave is a p-spot stimulator, and it’s a very unique toy. It looks like a typical rabbit-style vibrator, but instead of just vibrating, it provides a stimulating “come-hither” motion to press against and actively massage the prostate. (You don’t need a prostate to enjoy it; we’ve tested it with partners with and without p-spots, and it’s a delightful toy no matter what.) It can be a little girthy though, so you may need to work up to it.

MysteryVibe Crescendo 2

Photograph: MysteryVibe

Enter code MV10 at checkout to see the discount. MysteryVibe’s Crescendo 2 is one of the first vibrators we tested, and it’s been on our best-of list ever since. It’s a high-quality toy with six internal motors, and it can flex into several shapes. It’s great for internal or external stimulation. Its flexibility makes it one of the most versatile toys you could have in your bedside drawer.

Enter code MV10 at checkout to see the discount. The MysteryVibe Poco is like a small version of the Crescendo 2. It has two internal motors and can flex and bend into nearly as many shapes as the Crescendo 2. Its smaller size makes it a great option for travel or solo play. The motors are still quite powerful, even though there are fewer than in the Crescendo 2. That can be a good thing if you’re easily overstimulated.

Lovehoney Wand Vibrator

Photograph: Lovehoney

This wand vibrator from Lovehoney is a good-quality basic to have on your nightstand. It boasts the classic wand silhouette and everything that’s made that design a crowd-pleaser. The broad head delivers diffuse stimulation to the whole genital area, and it’s covered in supersoft silicone so it feels great in the hand while you’re using it. It’s a modest size, which is appreciated because wand toys can tend to be surprisingly large and unwieldy.

Lovehoney’s Rose is a suction stimulator designed to mimic oral-sex-inspired sucking stimulation, and it does a great job at that. Suction stimulators as a class are game-changing sex toys, especially if you have a clitoris. Lovehoney’s Rose is another good basic to have in your toolbox, and its approachability makes it a good pick if you’re curious about suction toys and want to try one out.

Photograph: Amazon

Enter code BLACK to see the discount at checkout. Satisfyer’s Pro 2 Gen 3 is the latest in a long line of suction toys, and this has been our favorite iteration so far (9/10 WIRED Recommends). The Gen 3 with app control allows you to connect the toy to the iPhone or Android app to control the suction patterns and intensity. The toy itself has a soft silicone head that’s broad enough to provide diffuse stimulation but still narrow enough to provide intense stimulation if that’s what you’re looking for. The L-shaped body makes it super easy to use solo, getting it in position is no problem, and the buttons are oriented right where your fingers lie on the toy when it’s in use.

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