Apple AirPods Max 2 rumored to launch in 2024

Apple AirPods Max 2 rumored to launch in 2024

The AirPods Max are getting a refresh next year, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a respected Apple leaker and tech journalist. If this is true, it’s about damn time, because they haven’t gotten an update since their debut in 2020.

Three years ago, the over-ear headphones caused quite an upheaval on social media because of their $550 price tag. Unfortunately, Gurman doesn’t mention that the next AirPods Max will come with price cut, but the headphones will reportedly get two new features that may catch your eye.

Two rumored new features coming to the next AirPods Max

According to Gurman’s sources, the next AirPods Max will come with two main updates:

AirPods Max sitting on a table

Refreshes are coming in 2024.
Credit: zlata ivleva

If you’re crossing your fingers for more, you’re out of luck: Gurman says we “won’t see many other changes.” However, I do hope he’s wrong. The AirPods Max are packed with premium materials, but it’d be nice if the Cupertino-based tech giant could maintain the top-tier quality of the casing while still opting for more lightweight substances. For some, the AirPods Max feel quite heavy.

It’s also worth nothing that the AirPods Max aren’t designed for working out. It’d be awesome to see a sports version of these over-ear headphones next year.

In addition to the AirPods Max, Gurman says Apple is planning an “end-to-end overhaul” of its AirPods lineup. The entry-level AirPods are getting an update, as are the AirPods Pro. Expect to see refreshes all across the board in 2024.

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