Best sexting apps: Find anonymous satisfaction in 2023

Best sexting apps: Find anonymous satisfaction in 2023

Who it’s for:

DUST is a secure messaging app for people who want to keep their conversations private without paying a premium. It features end-to-end encryption, self-destructing messages, and anonymous messaging.

While it may not be marketed as a sexting app, the fact that DUST keeps you anonymous and automatically scrubs your messages makes it ideal for anyone who wants to send explicit images or texts without leaving a trace.

Why we picked this:

DUST: it’s like Snapchat with encryption. This app is easily one of the top options for message security and privacy. (It’s also a good alternative to Wickr Me, which is set to shut down on December 31, 2023.)  

Messages vanish after 24 hours, no questions asked. Whether they’ve been read or not, they’re history. And if you’re worried about those late-night texts haunting you, DUST lets you erase messages not only from your device, but from your recipient’s, too.

If you’re worried about screenshots, DUST has your back with screenshot notifications. It’s like having a trusty guard dog that’ll bark if someone tries to capture your messages. As an added security bonus, your username is never visible on the message screen. No self-identifying information is required to sign up, nor is anything permanently stored.

It’s worth noting that DUST does prevent screenshots in some areas of the app on Android devices. However, for other operating systems, such as iOS, anyone can still capture and save what you send. Keep that in mind and exercise caution if you use a non-Android device.

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