CES 2024: Razer and Lexus made a gamer car

CES 2024: Razer and Lexus made a gamer car

Sometimes the best things at CES aren’t even really at CES.

While walking back to our hotel late at night to wind down from a big event, Mashable’s Matt Binder and I stumbled upon a peculiar-looking SUV parked outside on display. It turns out Razer and Lexus have teamed up to create what can only be described as a “gaming car,” and it wound up being one of the wilder things we saw in Vegas.

To be more specific, it’s a 2024 Lexus TX that’s been tricked out Razer-style with all sorts of gaming goodies. Is it street legal? Possibly not, according to a press release from December. Does that matter? Nope!


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A mobile LAN party

Back row in Razer Lexus TX with gaming chairs and monitors

Those are gaming chairs.
Credit: Matt Binder/Mashable

For starters, this thing is eye-catching from 50 yards away. It’s a black Lexus TX with green (by default) Razer lighting that can change colors on command around the exterior of the vehicle. However, it’s what’s on the inside that makes this the ultimate gaming car — street legality be damned.

The Lexus TX has three rows of seating, and this particular version of it replaces the normal seats in the back two rows with gaming chairs. Yes, they put gaming chairs in a car. Each seat has a widescreen gaming monitor, and one of the seats even had a desk with a keyboard for PC gaming.

Monitor and keyboard inside Razer Lexus TX

Look at this!
Credit: Matt Binder/Mashable

And then you open the trunk and see the craziest stuff the Razer Lexus TX has to offer. Instead of regular trunk space, there’s a docking station for up to four Razer gaming laptops (yes, it charges them) and a built-in Xbox Series X. There are a couple of open spaces for baggage, but aside from that, it’s all gaming, all the time in the Razer Lexus TX.

Rear of the Razer Lexus TX with laptop docking and built-in Xbox

Party in the back.
Credit: Matt Binder/Mashable

To be clear, this seems to be a concept vehicle that I highly doubt will ever be a real thing you can buy for yourself. It’s really just a promotional crossover between Razer and Lexus. Personally, I have my concerns about what all that gaming hardware would do to a car battery over time. But none of that matters because this is CES and CES is all about wild tech stuff that you don’t see anywhere else.

I can’t think of anything we saw in Vegas that exemplifies that attitude more than a powerhouse gaming car.

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