Donald Glover Made a Mysterious Sci-Fi Film and Here’s the Trailer

Donald Glover Made a Mysterious Sci-Fi Film and Here's the Trailer

Donald Glover and Jessica Allain star in Bando Stone & The New World.

Donald Glover and Jessica Allain star in Bando Stone & The New World.
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Donald Glover’s career thrives on mystery. He loves working on projects in secret and then dropping them on an unsuspecting public to incur maximum shock and awe. He’s done it with TV, he’s done it with music, and now he’s doing it with his very own IMAX sci-fi movie that looks like what might happen if Lando Calrissian ended up on the island from Lost.

But no, the movie is not called “Lando the Lost.” It’s Bando Stone & The New World, starring and directed by Glover, in which he plays a popular musician trying to survive at the end of the world. The trailer debuted this weekend in front of IMAX screenings of A Quiet Place: Day One and looks proper wild: killer animals, laser grids, vomit, etc. The best part, though? Glover also wrote an entire soundtrack for the movie. Check it out.

Childish Gambino – Bando Stone & The New World (Official Trailer)

So what the heck is this movie? Honestly, we have no idea but the trailer looks like a lot of fun. It has a very 1980s adventure movie vibe, right down to the title font. But is there anything more to it? With Glover, anything is possible. It could be a secret Star Wars movie for all we know. Beyond that, we’re curious where it came from. Did the idea come from Glover wanting to do a movie soundtrack as Childish Gambino? Was it a way to showcase his directing chops with a big, exciting action movie to help further his career? And most importantly when the heck can we get those answers and so much more?

That last question, at least, sort of has an answer. As you can see at the end of the trailer, it says the film is an exclusive IMAX release sometime in 2024. It also directs to a website that says the same thing. We’ve contacted IMAX for any kind of update or clarification and will update the story if or when we hear back.

Co-starring Jessica Allain (The Continental), Bando Stone & The New World opens, presumably only in IMAX, sometime later this year.

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