Fix for Apple WatchOS 10.1 Battery Drain Issue is ‘Coming Soon’

Fix for Apple WatchOS 10.1 Battery Drain Issue is 'Coming Soon'

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If you are Apple Watch has recently had issues with its battery life, there may be some relief on its way. Sort of. Apple recently sent an internal memo with a few Apple Authorized Service Providers saying that a fix for some Apple Watches suffering from excessive battery drain after updating to WatchOS 10.1. was “coming soon.”

MacRumors got their hands on the memo, and according to them, it read that the fix was on its way. That is all we know for now, though, as the memo didn’t provide any additional details. We still don’t know what’s causing it, how many consumers are impacted by it, or which Apple Watch models are affected.

The little that we do know about the issue is from the complaints seen by customers on various online platforms such as MacRumors Forums, Apple Support Community, Reddit, and X. Some users have said they’ve lost 50% percent of their Watch’s battery life in less than an hour.

From the complaints, it seems like the issue has affected a range of Apple Watch models, including older ones, such as the Apple Watch Series 5, to the new ones, like the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

There was also a battery drain issue occurring when an Apple Watch with WathOS 10.1 was being paired with an iPhone running iOS 17. Still, according to Apple’s developer release notes for iOS 17.1, that issue was fixed. However, this one is still causing problems, so that we might need another update.

It seems unlikely that this issue will be fixed in a watchOS 10.1.1 update. This is all conjecture, but we might have to wait for watchOS 10.2 to fix this issue, which is currently in beta testing and is expected to launch in December.

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