Google Stops Selling Fitbits in Regions Where it Doesn’t Sell Pixels

Google Stops Selling Fitbits in Regions Where it Doesn't Sell Pixels

It’s a weird time to be a Fitbit user. Google has stopped selling Fitbit devices in key markets around the world. The company quietly pulled several models of its fitness-centric wearables from store shelves in countries across several continents.

Android Authority first reported the news, though official Google support pages now mention the stoppage. While there isn’t a master list of places affected, 9to5Google has counted nearly 30 countries that have stopped selling Fitbit wares. They include central and eastern European countries like Croatia, Romania, and Poland; Latin American countries like Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico; and Asian countries like Korea and the Philippines.

South Africa is also affected by this sales stoppage, though Google provided comments there. South African tech publication TechCentral contacted Google about Fitbit’s disappearance from the local market. The company replied that it stopped selling Fitbit devices so that its hardware portfolio aligned with where Pixel devices are sold.

I contacted Google and received a similar response from a spokesperson:

We communicated that we will stop selling Fitbit products in select countries in order to align our hardware portfolio to map closer to Pixel’s regional availability. We remain committed to our customers and have not made any changes that impact the existing Fitbit devices they already own. Existing Fitbit customers will continue to have access to the same customer support, warranties will still be honored, and products will continue to receive software and security updates.

Fitbit promises to continue supporting the devices still in use with software releases and security updates, including honor warranties. Anyone who needs extra help can still call Fitbit customer service.

Anyway, this all has an air of messiness that I cannot ignore. Since Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, it’s been one head-scratcher after another. Google is still figuring out its footing for this brand and how it aligns with its goals for the Pixel lineup.

I’m still working on my reviews of the Pixel Watch 2 and Fitbit Charge 6. I can only use one device with my account at a time. So far, I like the Pixel Watch 2, but it’s because of the seamless experience between the smartwatch and the Pixel phone in tandem. With all these changes happening overseas with Fitbit’s product lineup, I’m curious how the Charge 6 will appeal to me, an Android user who is used to a wearable being the extension of an operating system rather than an accessory.

How will Fitbit live on as a brand for Android’s next phase of wearables? Unfortunately, you’ll have to live in the regions where the devices are sold to find out.

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