Of course Dbrand’s first novelty keycaps include a ‘fuck off’ key

Of course Dbrand’s first novelty keycaps include a ‘fuck off’ key

Love or hate its irreverent branding, you have to give props to Dbrand for its consistency. The company best known for its range of skins and cases for consumer tech gadgets is releasing its mechanical keyboard keycaps today, and they’re remarkably on-brand.

The Pyramid keycap is a pointy escape key that the company says stabs whoever presses it (“lawyers advised that we soften the tip a little bit, but rest assured you’re never more than one firm key press away from drawing blood”) and a replacement enter key called The Enter that simply reads “fuck off.”

Rather than full keycap sets that are designed to replace all the keys on a keyboard, these novelty keycaps are designed to just replace a couple of keys. The company says they’re designed to pair with any GMK set, which means they should work with any other keycaps that use the common Cherry profile.

Both are made completely of metal and are available in a choice of three colors; black, bare metal (aka silver), and neochrome . The Pyramid escape key also has cutouts designed to let the keyboard’s RGB lighting shine through, with holes on both its upper and lower sides to work with north- and south-facing switch orientations. 

Interestingly, rather than selling the keycaps directly like it does with most of its other products, Dbrand is distributing them through keyboard specialist retailer NovelKeys. The Pyramid and The Enter are available today for $60 and $40, respectively. 

Disclosure: The Verge recently collaborated with Dbrand on a series of skins and cases.

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