Tesla now sells $8,000 vinyl wraps, hinting at clever Cybertruck solution

Tesla now sells $8,000 vinyl wraps, hinting at clever Cybertruck solution

Model 3 and Model Y owners can now have a “self-healing urethane-based film” installed by Tesla. It costs $7,500 – $8,000 and are only compatible with 2023+ models. A range of colors are available including blue, green, gold, white, black, red, and, for some reason, grey. Or, for $5,000, Tesla will install a clear wrap, protecting the vehicle’s original paint and body. The service is currently only offered at Tesla Service Centers in West Covina, CA and Carlsbad, CA.

Similar vinyl wraps have long been applied to vehicles, but this is the first time it’s offered by a major vehicle manufacturer as an after-purchase service. These wraps can be applied in a few hours and offer owners a relatively low-cost and easy option to radically changing the look of their vehicle. Tesla only offers wraps in solid colors where third party services will print basically anything on a wrap.

This product doesn’t come as a surprise. Several Cybertruck prototypes have been spotted sporting various wraps including ones that mimicked the designs of the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra. Others were spotted wearing various forms of camouflage.

These wraps could be how Tesla addresses major concerns around the Cybertruck. As Tesla notes, these urethane-based films feature self-healing properties that would provide extra protection on the Cybertruck’s scratch-prone stainless steel body. And if the wrap rips, tears or gets beat up, the owner can replace just the damaged section, or replace the entire wrap, changing the look of the vehicle in the process. Of course, this is all speculation as Teslas has yet to announce the these wraps for the Cybertruck.

Several outfitters already announced plans to offer wrap the Cybertruck, and launched configurators to let potential buyers explore the options.

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