Threads Edit Button Is Here, No Payment to Zuck Required

Threads Edit Button Is Here, No Payment to Zuck Required

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Threads may not be the place to go for news, but it now has an edit button. And unlike a certain other social media platform, it didn’t take 16 years to get it.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted Thursday about the edit feature going live. Along with editing their posts, Thread users can also create their own Voice Threads on the platform.

The edit feature is available on posts, but only for a limited amount of time. Users have five minutes to edit their thread, according to 9to5Mac. There is also no history of what was edited, but there will be an icon on the thread indicating that an edit was made.

Voice Threads can be created by clicking on a microphone icon when starting a thread. This will start a recording, and captions will be added to the thread once completed. A voice player will then be posted on the thread for everyone in the world to hear your voice.

Threads started strong when it launched back in July, seeing more than 100 million people sign up for the platform by its fifth day. The hype, however, for the “Twitter killer” quickly dissipated as it lost 80% of its active users by the following month.

Since launching Threads, Meta has continued to add new features almost every month. These include a followers list, the ability to see reposts in another tab, and a web version of the platform.

Threads is still missing some important features that users have come to expect from a micro-blogging platform. Most notable is the lack of a trending topic section, but it appears that feature might be launching soon.

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